Crash protection for pedestrians and cyclists

19 June 2008

Crash protection for pedestrians and cyclists

‬The European Union is urging carmakers to produce models which offer greater safety to the most vulnerable road users.‭ ‬The report on the proposal from the inaptly named Liberal member Francesco Ferrari will have the support of the SP.‭

Erik MeijerDuring the committee stage of the report,‭ ‬SP Euro-MP Erik Meijer,‭ ‬a transport specialist,‭ ‬said that the growth in the number of cars had had many unfortunate consequences.‭ “‬The best protection would be to create more car-free spaces in towns and villages,‭ ‬and to improve public transport.‭ ‬But every little helps,‭ ‬and this report is a step in the right direction.‭”

Deaths and‭ ‬injuries

Every year around‭ ‬8,000‭ ‬of the most vulnerable road users‭ – ‬cyclists and pedestrians‭ – ‬meet their deaths as a result of traffic accidents,‭ ‬while another‭ ‬300.000‭ ‬are injured.‭ ‬Italian MEP Francesco Ferrari,‭ ‬a member of the Liberal Democrat group‭ (‬ALDE‭)‬,‭ ‬is demanding that new technologies for the protection of these road users,‭ ‬such as automatic braking systems,‭ ‬be more rapidly introduced.

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