Agnes Kant candidate for parliamentary group leader

19 June 2008

Agnes Kant candidate for parliamentary group leader

Agnes Kant, SP spokeswoman on health and health care, has announced her candidacy for the parliamentary group leadership. Born in 1967, Kant is an epidemiologist by training and was first elected to parliament in 1998.

Agnes KantIn her letter to colleagues informing them of her candidacy, Kant expressed her pleasure that Jan Marijnissen would remain Chair of the broader party and said that she would not “for any price” be willing to give up his “contribution, inspiration and motivating role, his critical questions and good advice”.

Following Jan was a challenge, she said, which with the help of colleagues she was happy to face. After a year of reflection following the tremendous electoral leap of November, 2006, the SP was now mounting a strong and visible challenge to the coalition government of Christian Democrats, Labour and Christian Union. This was a government which had earned nothing but the strongest criticism, while the SP demonstrated that with attainable social alternatives things could be done differently.

“I am highly motivated to lead, along with all of you, the opposition against this government and to continue and strengthen the fight for a society based on solidarity,” Agnes Kant concluded.

Nominations close today, and the SP's 25 Members of Parliament will vote at noon tomorrow.

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