Van Bommel: No EU subsidy for chicken ads

24 April 2008

Van Bommel: No EU subsidy for chicken ads

The SP has asked for clarification regarding the fact that European subsidies have been used to promote the consumption of chicken. SP European affairs spokesman Harry van Bommel wants to know "are our tax moneys going on this?" adding that "the European Union wasn't set up to urge people to eat chicken. This nonsense must stop."

Harry van Bommel‘Chicken, the most versatile cut of meat. Chicken!” This campaign is subsidised by the European Union. "I heard on the radio that the ad was made possible in part by the EU. What a load of nonsense! It is insane that our financial contribution to the EU is being used for this. This money should be put to useful purposes, or the Netherlands' contribution reduced.”

The EU subsidises the marketing of all sorts of agricultural products, with the Dutch national poultry and egg industry receiving a total of €2.9 million for the promotion of chicken. "This is taxpayers' money," Van Bommel points out. "I just don't see why we are spending it on this."

The SP will be putting questions to the Cabinet to ascertain just how many other products receive this sort of support.

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