Minister promises SP action on extradition treaty with Brazil

24 April 2008

Minister promises SP action on extradition treaty with Brazil

Justice Minister Hirsch Ballin will take the necessary steps to ensure that in the near future an extradition treaty is signed between Brazil and the Netherlands. The minister made this commitment in response to calls from SP Member of Parliament Arda Gerkens. Such a treaty would mean that the Netherlands could extradite two men who have been convicted of offences connected to child pornography.

The two Dutch men were recently convicted and sentenced on appeal to sentences of twenty-one and seventeen years respectively for sexual abuse of twenty-four underage girls. Prior to the verdict and sentencing, however, they fled to the Netherlands. Because the two countries do not have an extradition treaty, which means that the two men cannot serve their sentences in the Netherlands, the two have not been extradited. A treaty would make this possible. .

Brazil's supreme court has yet to confirm the sentences, putting them beyond appeal. The Minister promised Gerkens that whatever the outcome of this he would send Parliament a letter laying out his plans and stating when the treaty with Brazil can be realised.

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