Start of Natura2000 important for nature conservation

14 February 2008

Start of Natura2000 important for nature conservation

Dutch Parliament yesterday agreed to the establishment of Natura2000, a plan for the preservation and coordination of European conservation areas. A similar scheme has been operating in the Netherlands for some time, and SP Member of Parliament and spokesman on nature conservation Hugo Polderman said that he was delighted by this step in the direction of biodiversity conservation. "In the last century we have lost more than 50% of our wild animals and plant species," he said. "It is of the greatest importance that we combat further depredation in order to preserve something of our natural riches in the Netherlands and Europe."

Hugo PoldermanIn order to halt the decline of biodiversity, a European-level agreement was reached that by 2010 at the latest a system of defined nature conservation areas would be established. With the start of Natura2000, the Netherlands has now determined which areas and what flora and fauna will enjoy protection. After 2010 management plans will be put in place for each of these areas. "The plan appeared to stall on resistance from various interest groups, representing industrialists and farmers. They wanted to say just how the nature conservation areas should be managed and how much this should cost. These debates should be conducted later, however, after the areas have been established, and I'm pleased that the government is in agreement with us on this."

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