National Petition for Referendum on EU Treaty Launched

26 September 2007

National Petition for Referendum on EU Treaty Launched

Following the Labour Party's U-turn on the question of a referendum on the new EU treaty, the SP will be putting all of its efforts into generating a head of steam to ensure that public pressure forces a vote to be held. Using an on-line petition, the SP is calling on supporters of both sides, and every political party, to demand that the coalition government of Christian Democrats, Labour and Christian Union hold a referendum. The Socialist Party, which played a leading role in the successful 'No' campaign of 2005, hopes to see opposition political parties of the right – the VVD and PvdV – as well as centre-left Green Left and D66, the PvdD (Animal Rights Party), trade unions and social organisations join the campaign.

Harry van Bommel Harry van Bommel, the SP European Affairs spokesman who will be proposing the parliamentary resolution required before a referendum can be held, said that "A large majority of the population want to be given the right to express their views on the new treaty. Supporters and opponents, voters from left and right, conservatives and progressives, all want their say. This involvement is extremely important for the future of the Netherlands and of Europe. The government is sending a very bad signal by rejecting a referendum. The Labour leadership have shown themselves to be completely out of touch with their supporters. We hope to be able to put enough public pressure on political decision-makers to force a referendum despite this. The best way to involve people in Europe is by organising another referendum. The best way to alienate people from Europe and from politics in general is to block a referendum."

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