Netherlands must keep “belief in the market” out of the treaty

23 June 2007

Netherlands must keep “belief in the market” out of the treaty

The SP was pleasantly surprised by the efforts of French President Nicolas Sarkozy's to have 'free and unrestricted competition' removed from the list of EU goals contained in the new treaty.

Harry van Bommel Member of Parliament and SP spokesman on European Affairs Harry van Bommel, commenting on the decision to drop the formula, said: “One of the most important reasons for opposing the European Constitution two years ago was that it was more of a political programme than a true constitution, with a belief in the market at its centre. The Netherlands should follow France's lead and oppose the inclusion of such blatantly political aims in any new treaty.”

President Sarkozy's determination to exclude the commitment to a free market can be explained by the position of French essential service providers. For many years the member states have come under pressure from Brussels to privatise anything and everything, and Sarkozy, concerned by the possible implications for essential services such as public transport and water supply, is attempting to put an end to this. For this reason, the Netherlands should support him.

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