SP leader in Greece for book launch

2 April 2007

SP leader in Greece for book launch

SP leader Jan Marijnissen visited Greece this weekend for the launching of the Greek translation of one of his first books, Enough! A Socialist Bites Back.

The book is a treatise on the flipside of neoliberalism. Using practical example from both the Netherlands and abroad, Marijnissen demonstrates how the neoliberal 'war of all against all' society is good for a few, but bad for the many, and therefore for society as a whole.

Originally published in 1997, the book was translated into English a year later. In 2006 this English version was updated with the addition of three new chapters based in part on the SP leader's later publications in Dutch.

Marijnissen was the guest of honour at two presentations, one in Athens and one in Thessalonika, both of which were attended by hundreds of people. “First reactions were good,” he said, “and I also did a total of ten newspaper interviews, and more with a few TV stations. It was extremely interesting to catch up with the political situation in Greece.”

Enough! A Socialist Bites Back

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