Unanimous support for SP environment report

28 February 2007

Unanimous support for SP environment report

The Environment Committee of the European Parliament today voted in favour of an extremely critical report from SP Euro-MP Kartika Liotard. The report, on the European Commission’s so-called “thematic strategy” for sustainable use of natural resources, was adopted without a single vote against. A number of amendments presented by Ms Liotard herself, aimed at reinforcing her report’s critical stance, had earlier won the support of a majority of her colleagues on the committee and were therefore incorporated into the text.

Kartika LiotardLiotard’s opinion is that the European Commission’s strategy shows far too little ambition, setting no real targets or even any clear direction towards the achievement of a more sustainable use of natural resources. “Natural resources such as wood, oil, water and fertile land are under heavy pressure in Europe,“ says Liotard. “At a time when immediate action is needed, the Commission appears to be set on a passive approach. The Commission has worked on this strategy for five years and I must say that the results are pitiful.”

From previous discussions within the Environment Committee it had already become clear that Liotard’s tough criticism would win broad support from all of the political groups. “Some amendments made my report even stronger, so I'm delighted that not only was the report approved, it was voted through without any of these changes being rejected,” Liotard says. “I hope that we have sent such a clear message that a more ambitious policy for conserving such important resources as clean drinking water and biodiversity is absolutely needed and that such a policy could count on solid support. The European Commission can no longer ignore this.”

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