Alternative logo to mark 50 years of EU chosen

18 October 2006

Alternative logo to mark 50 years of EU chosen

The ‘United States of Europe’ turned out to be a popular theme amongst entrants to the alternative EU logo competition held last month by the SP. The winner, J. Sanders from Borger, made good use of it in his logo on which the European circle of stars is adorned with a quacking duck.

Het winnende logoCommenting on the winning logo, SP Euro-MP Kartika Liotard, who last month organised the alternative competition, said: “Sanders’ design is simple and immediately clear, which is what gives a logo its power. And at the same time it leaves room for the whole thing to be reconsidered.” (Click here). The EU held its own logo competition to choose a design which will be used in the celebrations of fifty years of the European Union. The admittedly pretty winning design “Together” (see) immediately demonstrates, Ms Liotard said, why an alternative competition was needed: “Europe is certainly not 'cosily together' and the question is also indeed whether it should be. A little bit of criticism of the development of a European superstate would have been in order.”

In addition to the winning design an honorary mention must be given to the most humorous. “Wobbe used not only the European stars but also our SP tomato symbol, though certainly in a way for which it was not intended, which I can appreciate. If you invite people to apply their critical faculties and creativity you can expect everything and anything. As a logo it's perhaps a little bit over-complicated, but it was certainly good for a laugh. (See). The slogan means “50 years is long enough to let ourselves be screwed”).

“The entry from Boelhouwer from Amsterdam also deserves a mention, though it isn't really a logo. Still I think I'm going to print it out and hang it on my office wall!” says Liotard. (see, The slogan reads “50 years of groping in the dark”). The winner will shortly receive a digital camera while the “duck-logo” will be hung in a place of honour in the SP offices at the European Parliament building in Brussels.

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