Tests on animals: more money needed to develop alternatives

13 September 2006

Tests on animals: more money needed to develop alternatives

The European Parliament Agriculture Committee voted on Tuesday to back a proposal from SP Euro-MP Kartika Liotard to make more money available to develop alternatives to animal testing as quickly as possible.

Kartika Liotard"The development, validation and adoption of methods providing a sound alternative to the use of must be accelerated,” Ms Liotard said. “If we want to see that happen we must offer active support. I have therefore proposed that more money, more personnel and more administrative support be made available." Liotard’s proposal, which took the form of an amendment to a report on animal welfare, won the support of the committee.

The Euro-MPs successful motion is the latest in a series of action taken by the SP against the unnecessary use of animals in laboratory tests. Last year the party’s national MPs were able to block a motion reducing the budget allocation for the development of alternatives, while in 2005, the SP’s youth organization against the cosmetic firm L´Oreal and its continued use of unnecessary animal tests.

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