SP holds competition to design EU logo

1 September 2006

SP holds competition to design EU logo

The European Union is to hold a competition to find a design for a logo to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The catch is that only professionals are allowed to enter, and of course only wholly positive images will be considered. For these reasons the SP has decided to give everyone the chance to design an alternative logo. The woman behind the idea, SP Euro-MP Kartika Liotard, said: “Even when it comes to celebrating its anniversary Brussels is excluding more than 99 percent of the public. In our competition anyone can come along and present his or her view of the EU's history and vision of its future.”

The SP's logo competition opens today, and everyone now has the chance to upload their design. “Use your creativity,” advises Kartika Liotard, “along with your camera or a design program and let us see what you think of 50 years of the EU and where you think it should go from here. The winner will get a good quality digital camera and the winning design will grace the walls of our offices in the European Parliament.”

The official EU logo competition is limited to professional designers and students in graphic design. In addition the European Commission has narrow expectations: “They will all have to revolve around a feeling of European togetherness, the existence of which I have my doubts,” says Ms Liotard. “Cooperation on the basis of benevolence, solidarity with people less well-off than oneself, peace, the upholding of ethical values – these are all excellent themes, but I don't think that many citizens of the twenty-five member states see them reflected in the European Union as it is now. The rules also require the logo to refer to 'the wish for Europe to become ever more united and to play a leading role in the world.' Last year demonstrated that most people do not share these feelings.”

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