Netherlands must join in condemnation of attack on Lebanon

13 July 2006

Netherlands must join in condemnation of attack on Lebanon

SP Member of Parliament and foreign affairs spokesman Harry van Bommel is urging the Netherlands to follow France and Russia in condemning Israeli attacks on civilian targets in the Lebanon. In addition, the European Union must immediately suspend the Association Agreement with Israel, he says. “The bombing of the airport and a TV station is in conflict with international law and failure to condemn these acts would mean that the Netherlands was giving tacit support to them.”

Harry van BommelThe Netherlands, Mr Van Bommel asserts, must make a clear statement concerning what French authorities have called the Israelis' “disproportionate” acts. The EU must also, he says, take diplomatic action. The Association agreement with Israel provides for its suspension in the event of human rights abuses, and the SP is urging foreign minister Ben Bot to propose such an act, which would result in Israel losing trading privileges.

“After the bombing of the power station and bridges in the Gaza strip civilian targets in the Lebanon are also being hit. This is not only against international law, it also makes it all the more difficult to come to any agreement in relation to Palestine. Israel's reaction is out of all proportion and is clearly aimed at terrorising the civilian population. If the Netherlands does not speak out, we would be giving tacit support to this course.”

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