Israel-Lebanon: Stop the violence now!

22 July 2006

Israel-Lebanon: Stop the violence now!

Several thousand demonstrators gathered on the Beursplein, one of Amsterdam's major squares, today. They came to take part in the march which, under the slogan “Sound the Alarm”, was called to protest the Israeli attacks on the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples. The demonstration was an impressive show of force, calling for an end to the escalating war waged by Israel against Lebanon and Gaza. Speakers from a range of organisations demanded an immediate end to the violence and called for an unambiguous statement from the Dutch government regarding Israel's disproportionate actions.

Harry van Bommel adresses the crowd
Harry van Bommel addresses the crowd

Harry van Bommel, Member of Parliament and SP spokesman on international affairs, strongly condemned the Israeli conduct of war which. he said, is hindering any prospect of a political solution and was creating large numbers of civilian victims. He called on the Dutch government and in particular Foreign Minister Ben Bot to make a clear and outspoken position against the Israeli violence and stop blindly following the US. In the SP's view the EU must take economic sanctions against Israel in an attempt to put an end to this barbarous violence. 'Sanctions are needed,' Van Bommel urged. 'Anyone who stays silent or argues against this incurs joint responsibility for these war crimes.'

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