Government falls: time for the voters to have their say

29 June 2006

Government falls: time for the voters to have their say

SP leader Jan Marijnissen has welcomed the resignation of Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende and his centre-right government and hopes to see the swift organisation of elections. "Outside parliament this government has long lost its support; yesterday it lost it inside parliament as well. It is good that premier Balkenende realises this. I think that a great many people, for example those who are out of work, dependent on benefits, ordinary working people and those employed in health care or education are anxious to see a change to more socially-minded policies. After four years of Balkenende it's now time to let the voters to have their say.”

The SP came to the conclusion that the cabinet, comprised of the centre-right Christian Democrats and liberals and the small centrist party D66 was past its sell-by date. The coalition had become, according to repeated and numerous polls, the least popular government since the Second World War, in part because of the introduction of a new health care system which virtually no-one outside its ranks supported.

“This had become a government without popular support which will certainly not leave behind a better or more pleasant country than it inherited. I don't enjoy dancing on someone else's grave, but I can't exactly say that I am in mourning over the Prime Minister's resignation. My only regret is that it took such an embarrassing circus before he decided to go.”

Jan Marijnissen and the SP are eagerly awaiting new elections which they expect to see called in September or October. “It's time for a change of government and a change of policy,” he said, 'time for a better Netherlands.”

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