Letter to Barroso on the scrapping of EU regulation

27 September 2005

Letter to Barroso on the scrapping of EU regulation

SP Euro-MP Kartika Liotard has today sent a personal letter to the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso. For some time now his proposal to scrap European regulation has been attracting attention. Barroso even suggests withdrawing measures currently before the European Parliament, despite his claim earlier this year that the Services Directive could not be withdrawn or amended precisely because it was already on the Parliament's agenda.

This confusion over what can and cannot be done in Europe needs clearing up. SP Euro-MP Kartika Liotard has therefore asked Mr Barroso in a letter to withdraw the European Services Directive. She wrote to President Barroso today as follows:

Kartika LiotardDear Mr Barroso,

As you know citizens in the Netherlands and France this summer rejected the European Constitution because they were unhappy over many instances of interference by Brussels in their own affairs. You clearly understood this message and under the slogan “less is better” have set about slashing European laws and rules. .

You have set to work in an extremely energetic manner. Not only proposals at the preparatory stage at the Commission, but ones which have been around for longer and even those already before the European Parliament have not escaped your attention.

I find this last very interesting. We are always pleased when we see such steps forward in understanding, because earlier this year, when half of Europe lined up against the European Services Directive and government leaders from France and Germany called for its withdrawal, you were still of the opinion that your hands were tied. “The proposal is before the Parliament, and therefore the Commission cannot withdraw it,” was what we heard from you then.

As it turns out, that problem appears to have in the meantime been solved! You have found a means by which regulatory proposals currently on the European Parliament agenda can be done away with. “We won't negotiate with the Parliament over the list of proposals to be withdrawn,” you now say. And I assume that you are not the sort of person to pick and choose what can and what cannot be done. As a man who stands by his word, it would also be possible for you to to withdraw the European Services Directive from the Parliament. Such a step would bring you lasting fame. Not only would everyone see that you do not mince words, but you would also demonstrate that you have understood the message from the Dutch and French No-voters who are not so concerned with having fewer rules, but above all want to see less liberalisation, fewer rules which make it impossible for the member states to conduct their own socio-economic policies.

In short, Mr President, you have now means, the motive and opportunity. Nothing any longer stands in the way of your putting an end to this despised Services Directive. I am counting on you,

yours sincerely,

Kartika Liotard
Member of the European Parliament for the Socialist Party of the Netherlands

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