G8 Summit A Missed Chance

8 July 2005

G8 Summit A Missed Chance

The SP is disappointed by the outcome of the G8 summit held in Gleneagles in Scotland over the last few days. According the the party's MP Harry van Bommel, it represents a missed opportunity: “After last weekend's overwhelming concerts I had hoped that the G8 leaders would have the feeling that millions of people were looking over their shoulders, but this doesn't appear to have sunk in.”

According to Mr Van Bommel the outcome proves just how great is the gap between what people want to see and what political leaders are willing to do. “Research has shown that in the Netherlands, for example, three out of four people would like to see a more generous policy on debt in order to bring about, among other things, a rapid diminution of poverty. $50 billion over 5 years is not enough to achieve that. Africa alone needs at least that much per year.”

The results in relation to environmental policy are equally disappointing. In fact, nothing was agreed except that new talks on climate change are needed. In 2008 the G8 in Japan will discuss the matter further. SP Member of Parliament Krista van Velzen said “I can't see what there is left to discuss. There's only one thing that must happen now – America must sign the Kyoto Protocol!”

Doing nothing about climate change further harms the world's poorest people, who have the most to lose from increasing drought and the desertification of ecosystems. In the SP's opinion the Netherlands must now do its best to convince world leaders that the fate of the third world lies in their hands.”

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