Now over to the citizens!

2 June 2005

Now over to the citizens!

Support is strong for the SP's idea of setting in motion a broad discussion involving people from all walks of life in which citizens and citizens' organisations can get together with politicians to talk about the future of the Netherlands in Europe.

The parliamentary groups representing the Christian Democrats (CDA), Green Left, Pim Fortuyn List (LPF) and the Christian Union are supporting a motion from SP Member of Parliament Harry van Bommel proposing just that. The two liberal parties, VVD and D66, and Prime Minister Balkenende have also responded positively to the idea.

*** UPDATE 7.11 p.m: Harry van Bommel's motion is carried thanks to support from all parties represented in parliament, with the exception of the VVD and independent member Ali Lazrak.

An alternative proposal from the Green Left to establish a parliamentary enquiry into the European Union, presided over by the SP, did not appear to garner any support.

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