A Progressive No

2 June 2005

A Progressive No

Amongst people who support the three left-of-centre parliamentary parties, as many as 96% of SP supporters, 58% of PvdA (Labour Party) voters and 45% of those who vote for the Green Left were against the proposed European Constitution. The 'No' camp had therefore the clear support of a majority of voters on the left and centre-left.

Red = NO, Blue = YES to the constitution

Supporters of the three right-wing governing parties, on the other hand, voted predominantly in favour, according to a joint survey conducted by the polling organisations Peil.nl and Maurice de Hond.

This makes it clear that the proposal's overwhelming defeat did not reflect a right-wing, nationalistic, xenophobic protest, but, for the most part, a progressive vote against a neo-liberal constitution for a state which hardly anyone had asked for.

It isn't a question, then, of the Netherlanders withdrawing behind the country's famous dykes. On the contrary, they showed that they had the courage to vote for a more social, a greener, safer and more democratic Europe, one which has no ambition to become a single superstate.

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