Justice Minister must explain 'war' comment to Parliament

18 April 2005

Justice Minister must explain 'war' comment to Parliament

Socialist Party MP Harry van Bommel has called on Justice Minister Piet Hein Donner to appear before Parliament to give an explanation of his remark that if the Netherlands voted to reject the proposed European Constitution this might lead to the threat of war. Mr Donner made the remark during a meeting of his party in Ede, saying that a 'no' could lead to a Balkan-type scenario. According to Mr Van Bommel, the minister's statement represents “an indirect threat aimed at the voter.”

Harry van BommelCommenting on the minister's statement, Harry van Bommel said “Mr Donner suggests that a 'no' to the European Constitution would lead to war and the Balkanisation of Europe. In fact the Balkans demonstrated if anything just what can happen if countries are forced against their will into a federal state. This is an absurd threat. The government itself says that the debate must focus on the proposal's content and not on false arguments and gut feelings, or on holding out to the voter the prospect of some sort of doom scenario. I hope that this isn't the level to which the government is going to stoop in running its campaign.”

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