Successful demonstration against software patents

17 February 2005

Successful demonstration against software patents

Around 300 people from many different European countries demonstrated in Brussels today against the proposed EU directive which would authorise patents on software. A colourful procession of researchers, technicians and (SP) politicians made its way past the various buildings housing the EU’s institutions.

In the press conference which followed, SP Member of Parliament Arda Gerkens gave an explanation of her own successful motion calling on the government to oppose the taking of a vote on the directive at the Council of Ministers until it is clear that the current text will be withdrawn and the legislative procedure restarted. (see Important victory in struggle against software patents, 10-02-2005).

Press conference, Arda Gerkens speeks

Ms Gerkens won applause from the gathering for her support for small software firms. “It’s great to see that co-operation at this level has borne fruit,” she said. “At last something good from Europe!”

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