SP: ‘Major concerns over Kyoto’

16 February 2005

SP: ‘Major concerns over Kyoto’

The SP European Parliamentary Group has expressed its grave concern regarding the progress of ’Kyoto’, the treaty designed to turn back global warming. SP Euro-MP Erik Meijer has put a number of written questions to the European Commission concerning the treaty’s alarming failure to produce any tangible results, while Mr Meijer’s SP colleague Kartika Liotard was taking part in a meeting of the International Panel on Climate Change on Réunion.

Following revelations on the Dutch current affairs programmes Nova and Netwerk, Meijer has asked the European Commission how it plans to address a rise in sea level and the consequences which this would have for low-lying countries in Europe. He also called on the Commission to take immediate additional measures, if necessary unilaterally, to reverse the current trend.

The SP’s Kartika Liotard is taking part in the conference of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), currently taking place on the French-administered island of Réunion, in her capacity as a member of the European Parliament’s Committee on the Environment. Climate change is a major concern for this small Indian Ocean island. As well as Kyoto, the conference will discuss reform of the sugar industry and the development of sustainable energy production.

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