SP members go to Brazil for World Social Forum

25 January 2005

SP members go to Brazil for World Social Forum

SP Member of Parliament Harry van Bommel and Executive Committee member Hans van Heijningen travelled today to Brazil to participate in the World Social Forum (WSF) which takes place from 26th January until 1st February in Porto Alegre. More than 100,000 “alternative globalisers” and progressive politicians will take part in the Forum, coming together to talk about the possibility of a world order based on social justice rather than the relentless hunt for profits.

Van Bommel en Van Heijningen are seizing the opportunity provided by the WSF to take inspiration from and strengthen contact with social organisations and sister parties. Space will be found in the programme for, in particular, meetings with representatives of the Brazilian governmental party, the PT (Workers’ Party) of President Lula, with which the SP, on the programmatic level, has much in common.

Harry van BommelMr Van Bommel said: “What the WSF holds for the SP and the social movement in the Netherlands is as much to do with content as with strategic aspects. Criticism of and alternatives to neoliberalism are central to the former. An important subject is Lula’s plan to attack hunger and poverty. The SP will this year launch a campaign to pressure the Dutch government to get behind this plan. That won’t be easy, because the Netherlands fully supports the process of neoliberal globalisation. Moreover, there is a distinct lack of discussion, let alone mobilisation, in our country in relation to the fight against poverty and exclusion in the world. Many relevant organisations depend on government subsidies and are little inclined to bite the hand that feeds them. Its high time that was changed, and the WSF can be a source of inspiration in bringing that about.”

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