Mass demonstration against the war on March 22nd in Amsterdam

4 March 2003

Mass demonstration against the war on March 22nd in Amsterdam

On an international meeting of anti-war organisations in London, various plans for demonstrations were anounced and a common declaration was issued.

‘Stop the war against Iraq’

Statement issued by the London Meeting of the international coordination against war, March 1st 2003

Following the unprecedented success of the global anti war day on February 15 we announce a massive escalation of action in the next weeks to try to prevent war. We believe a war on Iraq is wrong whether it has the backing of the United Nations or not.

There will be direct action at military installations and to stop military transport, mass pressure on parliamentary and United Nations representatives, student strikes and occupations, workplace industrial action, the establishment of peoples’ assemblies and popular consultations against war. Every day now is crucial in the campaign to stop war.

In many countries there will be mass demonstrations on International Women’s Day March 8.

In many countries there will be demonstrations, protests and mass civil disobedience on March 15 in solidarity with the ’Converge on the White House’ demonstration in Washington.

March 21st will be wherever possible a day of workplace solidarity against war. This will involve workplace assemblies and various forms of industrial action. In some countries national strike action against war is being already being planned on this day. We call on trade unions everywhere to support and promote action against war on March 21st.

We put the warmongers on notice that if they ignore world opinion and launch a new attack on Iraq there will be a tidal wave of resistance.

On the day of an attack we call for mass protests in the centre of every town and city in the world.

The following Saturday we call for mass demonstrations in every capital city.

We stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Iraq in urging everyone, everywhere to play their part in trying to stop this insane war.

A delegation of the SP was present at this meeting. In the Netherlands mass demonstration is in preparation for March 22nd in Amsterdam

On february 15th 2003, the world-wide day of protest against the war against Iraq, tens of thousands protested in the streets of Amsterdam. The SP mobilised thousands of its members to Amsterdam, organizing busses from all over the country.

The demonstration was the largest protest for peace in years. About 40.000 were expected, but almost double that number turned up.

The SP covered the demonstration live on this website with interviews, photo’s and even video. Look here for an impression.

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