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12 December 2016

The rule of law is not a campaign tool

Foto: SP

On Friday I decided not to react to the guilty verdict in the trial of Geert Wilders, the far right leader arraigned for leading a chant calling for Moroccans to be deported. As a politician in a democracy it isn’t your place to comment on the judicial power. We do after all have a separation of powers in the Netherlands, and however tempting it may sometimes be, it behoves us to keep our views to ourselves.

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3 November 2016

Kox: Rutte’s government is leaving a divided society in its wake

Foto: SP

Each year after the government has presented its programme for the coming period, which in this case will end in March with the general election, parties in both houses of the Netherlands’ Parliament present and debate their response. Today was the turn of the upper house, with SP Senate leader Tiny Kox launching a blistering attack on the government’s record.

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25 June 2016

Roemer re-elected to head party list for general election: 'Only the SP can close the gap'

Foto: SP

The SP is the only party which can close the enormous gap which has opened across society, said Emile Roemer, following his re-election by the Party Council to head the list for next year’s general election. “There is a yawning gap between the small group which does very well for itself and the rest of the population,” Roemer told the Party Council, which is made up of every branch chair and a few ex-officio members, and is the SP’s supreme decision-making body between National Congresses. “If the SP gets into power, then the Netherlands by 2020 will look completely different. With more democracy, more power for ordinary people. Because as things stand people have no longer any say over their work, their school or their neighbourhood, so we will make sure that they regain a voice.”

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7 April 2016

Reclaim democracy: the elite don’t really know better

Foto: kruidhof

What a lot of severe criticisms were made, after all, about the referendum. What, once again, a great deal of scaremongering went on. The usual pundits, such as Trouw columnist Rob de Wijk, who saw the referendum as a danger to our democracy. But serious people too, like the vice-president of the Council of State Piet Hein Donner, who claimed that the referendum was in conflict with the autonomy of Members of Parliament. But you gave us, all the same, your advice.

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6 April 2016

Roemer: "Referendum result is a victory for Ukraine for the Netherlands and for Europe"

A large majority of the voters has said 'no' to the European Union’s Association Agreement with the Ukraine, a treaty which must be ratified by all 28 EU member states before it can come into force. Commenting on the result shortly before the final tallies were made, SP leader Emile Roemer said: "It's now clear that the Netherlands has voted en masse against this treaty. Politicians in general and the government in particular cannot ignore this result. The Netherlands' no-vote is good for Ukraine, good for the Netherlands and good for Europe."

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19 August 2012

SP leader calls for ‘social alliance’ as election campaign kicks off

In a warm and welcoming Open Air Museum in Arnhem, SP leader Emile Roemer today kicked off the party’s campaign for the general election on September 12. Roemer called on the 2,500 SP members in attendance to work towards a social alliance between like-minded political parties, workers, employers and social organisations. ‘Everyone who can underwrite our goals of less poverty and narrower social differences, more caring for each other and more confidence in one another, I challenge to work hand in hand with us and then, after September 12th, to build on this.’

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13 June 2010

The National Parliamentary Elections and Europe

Europe was hardly discussed during the campaign for the elections to the Netherlands' national parliament. During a debate on the state television channel NOS, SP leader Emile Roemer laid out his plans for how the EU could be made a more 'social Europe'. Other parties, particularly the right-wing VVD and the far right PVV, limited themselves to the issue of reducing the contribution to Brussels through spending cuts. But beyond that we heard very little about Europe, which is a pity, because in relation to every subject which was debated, and above all the cuts, Europe played a role in the background and will, perhaps, soon be playing an important role in the foreground.

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10 June 2010

'Big possibility that the SP will be needed as partner in government'

15 newly elected representatives recieve flowers

According to SP leader Emile Roemer, there is a good chance that the SP will prove necessary to the formation of a new governing coalition. “The first opportunity goes of course to those who made the biggest gains, the two right wing parties the VVD and the PVV. But in my view the formation of a right-wing coalition is going to present difficulties, given the result."

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4 May 2010

Elections ‘a spring cleaning’

Emile Roemer adresses the SP national congress.

'A spring cleaning!' this will be the slogan for the SP campaign for the upcoming national election. "Dust off the old politics and clean it with a sponge," were the words of Emile Roemer, the brand new party leader of the SP, in his speech to the party's national congress in Amsterdam. "My advice for voters who are still in doubt is this: vote for a thorough spring cleaning. A single vote for the SP will count four times. It will strengthen the SP, keep the Labour Party on the left, send home Prime Minister Balkenende and keep the right-wing liberals out of government."

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