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1 November 2017

Roemer: 'Not for multinationals, but for each other'

SP leader Emile Roemer addressed Parliament today, giving a detailed critique of the new government’s policies and continuing to outline those of the SP and the left opposition. Naturally enough most of this critique concerned domestic policies, but Roemer also touched upon a number of matters with an international dimension.

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26 March 2017

More inspiration from Amersfoort than from Rome

It was a fortuitous coincidence: the ceremony in Rome on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the foundation of the EEC, and the SP party council in Amersfoort, occurred on the same weekend. I was really happy that I had not gone to Rome but was instead at the party council where we looked at last week's general election. I was pleased not only because of the constructive discussions and Emile Roemer's inspiring speech, but also because the media always give a misleading account of what occurs at SP meetings.

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17 March 2017

Roemer: ‘SP voters, thanks for your confidence. I'm ready for the next fight'

Foto: Nynke Vissia

On March 15th 2017, the Dutch parliamentary elections resulted in 14 seats for the SP, of which 6 are new entries into the parliament. The party is now the largest one on the left.

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20 February 2017

Seize the power!

Summary of the SP election manifesto for March 2017

Foto: SP
The Netherlands has more millionaires than ever before, yet more than a million people can't afford to pay the costs of the health care they need. The difference between the big earners at the top and the rest of the population has been deliberately widened by this government. Prime Minister Mark Rutte has taken good care of directors and executives, of the banks and multinationals. In the wake of the crisis this elite is richer than it was before it. Yet for most people, vital services such as affordable care and social security, have only declined. Read more
17 January 2017

XXII SP Congress: Roemer kicks off election campaign with call for a progressive pact

Foto: SP

On Saturday 14th January more than a thousand SP members gathered in Tilburg for the party’s twenty-second congress. On the same day, in an interview with national daily Algemeen Dagblad (AD), party leader Emile Roemer called for a pact between progressive parties and ruled out going into any ruling coalition with the VVD, the right-wing element in the present two-party government. Roemer told AD that “in saying this I am giving you a guarantee that we will not help the right to form a majority”. His aim is to persuade other parties to join him in isolating the VVD, which unlike its Labour Party coalition partner is performing respectably in the polls. “When people vote for a left party they expect left policies,” he said.

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12 December 2016

The rule of law is not a campaign tool

Foto: SP

On Friday I decided not to react to the guilty verdict in the trial of Geert Wilders, the far right leader arraigned for leading a chant calling for Moroccans to be deported. As a politician in a democracy it isn’t your place to comment on the judicial power. We do after all have a separation of powers in the Netherlands, and however tempting it may sometimes be, it behoves us to keep our views to ourselves.

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3 November 2016

Kox: Rutte’s government is leaving a divided society in its wake

Foto: SP

Each year after the government has presented its programme for the coming period, which in this case will end in March with the general election, parties in both houses of the Netherlands’ Parliament present and debate their response. Today was the turn of the upper house, with SP Senate leader Tiny Kox launching a blistering attack on the government’s record.

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25 June 2016

Roemer re-elected to head party list for general election: 'Only the SP can close the gap'

Foto: SP

The SP is the only party which can close the enormous gap which has opened across society, said Emile Roemer, following his re-election by the Party Council to head the list for next year’s general election. “There is a yawning gap between the small group which does very well for itself and the rest of the population,” Roemer told the Party Council, which is made up of every branch chair and a few ex-officio members, and is the SP’s supreme decision-making body between National Congresses. “If the SP gets into power, then the Netherlands by 2020 will look completely different. With more democracy, more power for ordinary people. Because as things stand people have no longer any say over their work, their school or their neighbourhood, so we will make sure that they regain a voice.”

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7 April 2016

Reclaim democracy: the elite don’t really know better

Foto: kruidhof

What a lot of severe criticisms were made, after all, about the referendum. What, once again, a great deal of scaremongering went on. The usual pundits, such as Trouw columnist Rob de Wijk, who saw the referendum as a danger to our democracy. But serious people too, like the vice-president of the Council of State Piet Hein Donner, who claimed that the referendum was in conflict with the autonomy of Members of Parliament. But you gave us, all the same, your advice.

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