European Elections 2009

17 May 2009

Dennis de Jong: ‘East European gay emancipation must come from below’

Yesterday's SP solidarity demonstration in Amsterdam in support of the Gay Pride march in Latvia's capital, Riga, was a major success. The parade in Latvia was free of any violent incidents, according to Latvian organisations of gays and Lesbians. Dennis de Jong used the SP demonstration to issue a call, in Russian, to the Russian government to put an end to discrimination against homosexuals.

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15 May 2009

SP lead candidate presents top five examples of EU neoliberal lunacy

Dennis de Jong, Number One candidate on the SP list for the European elections, will use this evening's trade union debate in Utrecht to present the five worst examples of senseless projects from Brussels. According to De Jong, these five examples demonstrate how great the influence of Brussels on everyday life has become. "Brussels is so meddlesome that they are telling the member states how the public sector should be organised and even how much some people should be paid. This has gone much too far. Things which can be better done by ourselves in the Netherlands should not be left to the EU."

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15 May 2009

Taxpayers' money used to finance Labour Europropaganda campaign: SP demands explanation

The SP has, not for the first time, tabled questions to the Christian Democrat-Labour coalition government on the subject of Labour's apparent policy of using public money to further the party's ends, rather than the national interest. Labour Party (PvdA) Secretary of State for Europe Frans Timmermans set off last week, along with a coterie of Labour's great and good, on a pro-EU tour organised by a bureau of prominent PvdA personalities, This would have been unobjectionable had it been financed by the PvdA, rather than by the taxpayer.

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15 May 2009

SP presents crisis plan

Number one SP European Parliament election candidate Dennis de Jong today presented the Netherlands' biggest trade union federation, the FNV, with the party's crisis-busting plan 'Less Brussels: our answer to the crisis'. Together with SP Members of Parliament Paul Ulenbelt and Sadet Karabulut, De Jong participated in today's trade union demonstration in Brussels, calling for protection for workers, who are now being made to pay for a crisis which they had no hand in bringing about.

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10 May 2009

SP corrects European Commission on size of EU bureaucracy

According to Dutch European Commissioner for competition policy Neelie Kroes, the European Union is not overburdened with bureaucrats. She questioned the SP's estimate that there are 170,000 people working for the EU bureaucracySP number one candidate Dennis de Jong explains why the figure is accurate and how it was arrived at.

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7 May 2009

'Referendum on Turkish EU membership'

“In the discussion on Turkey's accession to the European Union everyone is talking over people's heads." So said SP number one candidate Dennis de Jong on Thursday evening during the debate between leading candidates of Dutch political parties on national TV. “Turkey as things stand cannot be allowed into the EU," he added. "And if in the near future our government thinks that all conditions for accession have been met, it should call a referendum so that the people can express their views. This would show that you're taking people seriously.”

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2 May 2009

'SP offers a unique opportunity: left policies and less Brussels'

A few days ago the daily newspaper Trouw carried a graphic which ranked all Dutch political parties according to two criteria: more or less European integration, and – in social-economic terms – left or right. "This graphic confirmed what we have of course long known," says Dennis de Jong, number one candidate on the SP list for the European elections on June 4th . “The SP has a unique message. We are the only ones to combine less Brussels with left social-economic policies. The only ones! That means that if, as a voter, you say to yourself 'I want a humane and socially progressive policy without Brussels' neoliberal interference', then you can really only vote for one party, and that's the SP."

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30 April 2009

SP launches European election campaign in Amsterdam on May Day

On Friday 1st May the SP will kick off its campaign for the European Parliament elections which take place on 4th June. SP national Chair and former leader Jan Marijnissen, current leader Agnes Kant and Dennis de Jong, number one on the list of candidates, will use what will be a festive gathering to explain why the SP's campaign slogan is 'The Netherlands wants less Brussels'.

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16 April 2009

SP: 'Brussels blocks financial oversight'

With the bringing to light of yet another major instance of fraud, concerning the investment fund CIG Biodiesel, the SP has had enough. 'The Netherlands must regain the ability to control of its own financial sector,' says Dennis de Jong, number one candidate on the party's list for the coming European elections. 'Finance Minister Wouter Bos says repeatedly that he can't intervene with Brussels. But when is it going to dawn on him that there's something wrong with Brussels' rules?”

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