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The last war of the 20th century

‘On the threshold of the new millennium, Jan Marijnissen en Karel Glastra van Loon spoke with prominent experts in the area of peace and security, both within the Netherlands and abroad.’


Part I : Explorations

  • 1.1 : Our last war
  • 1.2 : Ethnic cleansing! Genocide! Hundreds of thousands dead!
  • 1.3 : A college of applied social studies
  • 1.4 : Foreign Policy for Beginners
  • 1.5 : Strategy for advanced players
  • 1.6 : Men of steel
  • 1.7 : The law of the strongest
  • 1.8 : From old Russians, the things which do not fade
  • 1.9 : Noam Chomsky in Van Aartsen's Paradise

Part II : Conclusions

  • 2.1 : Hangover on the morning after Kosovo
  • 2.2 : Exercise in discretion
  • 2.3 : Europe saves the world (not)
  • 2.4 : A new ‘new world order’


Enough! – a socialist bites back

In his book Enough! – a socialist bites back, SP-chairman Jan Marijnissen summarises and internationalises his opposition against the ideological mainstream in today's politics throughout the world. Neoliberalism, argues Marijnissen, causes the return of 19th century social and democratic circumstances. Who does not agree, has the duty to stand up and say: enough!

Read the review of former Britsh Labour MP Tony Benn wrote about Enough!


Enough complete in PDF format (565 KB)

A better Europe starts now

Harry van Bommel and Niels de Heij

European cooperation has already brought us many benefits, for example in the areas of human rights and of our prosperity. That does not mean that it is always good or that cooperation in all areas offers added value. The outcome of the referendum on the European Constitution demonstrated that a clear majority holds the European Union as it is now in little esteem, and that there was a need for a broad social discussion over Europe and the role of the Netherlands within it. The paper A better Europe starts now is intended to contribute to such a debate by making proposals for a more democratic, slimmed down, balanced and affordable EU, as well as a fruitful European agricultural policy.

‘The promised land, the stolen land’

A summary of the study by Anja Meulenbelt and Harry van Bommel into the background to the Israel-Palestine conflict

The tragedy of asbestos

A new edition of the English language version of The Tragedy of Asbestos, by Bob Ruers and Nico Schouten, is now available on this website. The new version contains all of the material included in last year’s publication, enhanced by a wealth of historical material previously available only in Dutch. » More…


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Through our monthly newsmagazine, the Tribune, we keep our members informed about politics in general and the SP in particular. The Tribune reports on the struggle outside and inside parliament, provides background information on ongoing SP campaigns, and serves to draw members’ attention to events, meetings and interesting new ideas.

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