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SP makes massive gains in local elections

March 20th, 2014 • This Wednesday saw local councils elected throughout the Netherlands, and huge gains for the Socialist Party. In 2010 the SP won 226 seats; this time they came close to doubling that, to around 450, according to the latest tallies.

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Roemer on Europe

Emile Roemer speaks at SIB-Utrecht

Roemer: ‘For cooperation but against the United States of Europe’

January 16th, 2014 • If we wish to strengthen cooperation in Europe, then we should not be charging ahead but lending an ear to those who don't go along with this, people who said 'supersate no, cooperation yes'. That was the message from SP leader Emile Roemer in his lecture on Europe and the credit crisis to the Student Union for International Relations (SIB) in Utrecht.

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Introducing the Socialist Party

The Dutch Socialist Party (SP) works inside and outside parliament to achieve its goal: a society in which human dignity, equality and solidarity take precedence.

In terms of membership the SP, with more than 46,000 members, is the third biggest party in the Netherlands. Only the Christian Democrats (CDA) and Labour Party (PvdA) are bigger.

Members of the SP are factory workers and students, nurses and maintenance engineers, accountants and boat-builders, school students and pensioners. Every member is in a branch and has the right to speak and participate in decision-making at branch meetings. Each branch chooses its own executive and nominates candidates for elected office. On this basis the SP’s national organs – the Party Executive, the Party Council and the Congress – are also democratically elected.

We have fifteen Members in the 150-seat ‘Tweede Kamer’ (corresponding to the House of Commons or House of Representatives), eight in the Eerste Kamer (the Senate), two in the European Parliament and more than three-hundred and twenty representatives on local councils and in provincial assemblies. The SP’s elected representatives donate their expenses to the party, keeping only out-of-pocket, receipted costs. The surplus helps to cover the party’s activities.

Using the menu in the left-bar, you can get to know the SP’s branches, representatives, activities, and publications. You’ll also find the Party’s Charter and the Action Programme, and a selection of recent SP news. But maybe you want to start by reading the brief history of the SP.

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