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Trade Minister must take action against undemocratic trade treaty

16 Sep 201416 Sep 2014 On 10th September the Dutch Parliament debated two major investment treaties with Lilianne Ploumen, Minister for Trade and Development Cooperation: the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), between the EU and the US, and the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), between the EU and Canada. These treaties create one big internal market covering all of the countries involved. Ploumen sees for the most part advantages in these treaties, joyfully claiming that ‘the whole world will profit from the TTIP’, but in doing so she turns a blind eye to the dangers they bring.

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What’s Left in the US?

15 Sep 2014The left movement in the US has seldom in recent years had the chance to make history. There are nevertheless in the heart of world capitalism people and organisations working hard to realise a democratic socialist society. At the beginning of August SP national secretary Hans van Heijningen took part in a conference in which grassroots activists, representatives of left parties and socialistically-oriented researchers mapped out the prospects.

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European Court of Justice undermines limits of labour migration

12 Sep 2014A scaffolder from Turkey is employed in the Netherlands by a company from Germany. According to German rules they can work in the Netherlands. According to Dutch rules they can’t. The contractor was fined €264,000. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that they can indeed work here. In common with Employment Minister Lodewijk Asscher I’m extremely disappointed in the ECJ.

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SP Senator Kox to lead election observers in divided Bosnia

12 Sep 2014The Council of Europe, responding to a request from the Bosnian Parliament, will send a mission to the elections on 12th October with the purpose of observing and assessing their conduct. The mission will be arriving in a country divided by ethnic conflicts and social differences and one in which extensive damage was caused by recent flooding. The observers’ team will be led by SP Senator Tiny Kox.

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Van Bommel: military campaign against ISIS will lead to more violence

11 Sep 2014On Wednesday evening the Dutch Parliament debated the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Below is the text of the speech by SP foreign policy spokesman Harry van Bommel which formed part of the debate.

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Van Bommel: ‘Palestinian MPs should be in Parliament, not in prison’

10 Sep 2014SP Member of Parliament Harry van Bommel believes that Israel should immediately free the Palestinian parliamentarians which it has taken prisoner. ‘As things stand some thirty-six Members of the Palestinian Parliament are in Israeli detention,’ notes Van Bommel. ‘That’s completely unacceptable. They should not in my opinion be locked up, but must be free to do their work as representatives of their people.’

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De Jong: Bring in a ‘solidarity test’ for new EU legislation

9 Sep 2014The SP is extremely concerned about the growing gap between rich and poor in the Netherlands and in Europe as a whole. In part this division is consequence, direct or indirect, of European Union legislation. SP Euro-MP Dennis de Jong today responded to this in the European Parliament by calling for a ‘solidarity test’ to be introduced and applied to all new EU legislative proposals. 'The effects on the regulatory burden and the general economic and financial impact of a proposed new law are subject to a great deal of attention,’ De Jong says, ‘but what the implications might be of, for example, the marketization of public services for social cohesion is not included in this. A solidarity test could change that.’

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Kox: Lift Israeli blockade of Gaza

5 Sep 2014'If the Israeli blockade of Gaza is not lifted soon, the situation of the two million Palestinians there will become untenable. With the chance that more people will flee in across the Mediterranean Sea in small boats, in search of a safer place than Gaza, the biggest open air prison in the world.’ This was SP Senator Tiny Kox’s response to alarming reports from international experts to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

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‘Action plan to combat Jihadists looks like panic football’

4 Sep 2014‘Why do people born here turn against our society? Why do people who have grown up here support the most horrific violence? How can it be that some of our children are becoming our enemies?’

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