Hans-Martin Don


Director of the Salvation Army in South Netherlands, Hans-Martin was a member of the council executive of Eindhoven from 2006 to 2010, with special responsibility for welfare, social affairs, finance and the WMO (the Law on Social Support), the basis of the Dutch system of health and welfare. Prior to this Hans-Martin worked in a number of jobs including as a nurse in a penal institution in Amsterdam and head of social assistance for the Salvation Army in Brabant and Limburg.

‘I give special attention to people who have no solid place or are seeking one in our society.’

In the Senate Hans-Martin is responsible for public health and social affairs. ‘As a Senator I look into the practicality of laws adopted by Parliament’s lower house. I can put my practical knowledge and experience in health care and social security to good use in this. Furthermore I involve the experiences and knowledge of persons and organisations in interpreting my role as Senator. I give special attention to people who have no solid place in our society or who are seeking one, without losing sight of the interests of the others. Living in society means for me living collectively and in this welfare and economy offer important frames of reference.’

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