Nieuws, November 2017

30 November 2017

Kox: Jaw-jaw is always better than war-war

Issues of autonomy and independence must be settled by peaceful dialogue, not violent repression.

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29 November 2017

Permanent War? Not in my name!

Foto: SP

The War on Terror has failed. Yet despite everything, it continues, and with the support of the Netherlands. This must stop.

The War on Terror began in 2001 with the invasion of Afghanistan. There then followed Iraq (2003), Libya (2011), and Iraq once more, together with Syria (2014). Over the same period secret wars have been launched in a number of countries, including Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia.

Contrary to what was promised, these large-scale military attacks have not led to a reduction in terror. Attacks and threats have instead increased. More than a million people have died and millions more have been forced to flee their homes. Tensions between different population groups have intensified.

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29 November 2017

Human rights before multinationals

It's scandalous that human rights continue to be less valued than are the interests of major multinational corporations such as Shell. We all know that human rights are violated continually. In the Netherlands the lives of many people in the northern city and region of Groningen have been destroyed by the likes of Shell and other major corporations such as NAM. The Dutch government is refusing to reduce the level of gas extraction.

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28 November 2017

Stop deportations to Afghanistan now

Because of the extreme insecurity which prevails in the country, a stop must for the time being be put to deportations to Afghanistan of persons refused refugee status, according to SP Member of Parliament Jasper van Dijk. On Wednesday, Van Dijk accepted a petition from the 18-year old Afghan Haroon Rezaie.

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24 November 2017

EU Social Pillar: a chocolate fireguard?

It seems that the EU would rather decide for itself on what rights its inhabitants are granted.

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21 November 2017

Commission draws misleading conclusions on arbitration

The European Commission is misleading EU member state citizens by representing public support for arbitration in much too positive a light. That was the conclusion drawn by a collective of social organisations following an in-depth study of the Commission's research. The SP is asking the Commission to redo its work.

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