News February 2011

22 February 2011

'Faster asylum policy a good thing, but don’t erode human rights’

The SP is to a degree positive about the new proposals from Immigration and Asylum Minister Gerd Leers to speed up asylum policy. ‘The section of the proposal which calls for an extended and meticulous enquiry in response to the first request for asylum was put forward by the SP in 2009,’ Rik Janssen points out. ‘This would assure more clarity from all parties and more rapid follow-up procedures. However, to deny people the right to good legal support as Leers wants to, is ill-considered, inhumane and impractical.'

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22 February 2011

Stop participation in arms fair, impose arms embargo on Middle East

SP Member of Parliament Harry van Bommel today called on the five participating Dutch firms to return from the massive arms fair in Abu Dhabi. Van Bommel is at the same time urging the EU to institute an immediate arms embargo on Libya and other countries in the Middle East which commit human rights abuses.

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21 February 2011

EU must put pressure on to end violence in Libya

SP leader Emile Roemer has reacted with horror and disgust to reports that Libyan armed forces have opened fire on demonstrators. ‘This is a terrible crime to commit against your own people and must not go unanswered,’ he said. 'Bombing and shooting your own people with heavy armaments, including the air force, is a war crime. Premier Rutte must do all in his power at European level and in the world to have immediate sanctions imposed on Gaddafi’s regime.'

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20 February 2011

Right-wing Parliamentary Excursion

The right-wing parties were determined, whatever the cost, for the first time in Dutch Parliamentary history, to force through a vote on the question of whether we should travel now or later.

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19 February 2011

European arrest warrant must be reformed

For those who should be extradited as quickly as possible, there must be guarantees that, in the country which has requested their handing over, conditions await them which meet our standards.

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17 February 2011

Senate urges government action on ridding Europe of nuclear weapons

A majority in the Senate is of the opinion that the government should be doing more to ensure that tactical nuclear weapons are removed from Europe. A joint motion from the SP and Labour calling on the government to explain what concrete measures it intends to take to further disarmament can count on a clear majority.

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