Emile Roemer

SP leader Emile Roemer (centre) during a sit-inn of striking cleaners

From the moment I was elected leader of the Socialist Party, I’ve worked hard to bring together all progressive forces in the Netherlands.

The financial and economic crisis is having its worst effects on people who are in no sense to blame for the outbreak of that crisis. Right wing governments in our country and in the rest of Europe are acting deliberately to create a wider income gap. Bankers and others on high incomes get bonuses while hard-working people, disabled persons, pensioners and those who depend on social welfare pay the highest price. Such injustice is unacceptable.

What motivates me above all is a desire to contribute to the struggle for a more humane, more social country and a better world. Confronted with injustice, I can’t simply stand and watch: I want to do something. I’m eager to change the world. That’s a pretty ambitious attitude, but it’s also realistic. We all have a choice: do we behave like observers watching how things are deteriorating or do we act in order to make this world a better place in which to live?

Emile Roemer – chairperson of the SP group in
Dutch parliament

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