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Discussions on the new world order

‘On the threshold of the new millennium, Jan Marijnissen en Karel Glastra van Loon spoke with prominent experts in the area of peace and security, both within the Netherlands and abroad.

They asked a broad selection of people, including Lord Carrington, Sir Michael Rose, Hans van den Broek, Noam Chomsky, Rob de Wijk and Georgi Arbatov about their views on the new world order, before writing an extended essay on the Dutch role in international conflicts.

In part 2 the writers discuss at length the conclusions they draw from these conversations.


Part I : Explorations

  • 1.1 : Our last war
  • 1.2 : Ethnic cleansing! Genocide! Hundreds of thousands dead!
  • 1.3 : A college of applied social studies
  • 1.4 : Foreign Policy for Beginners
  • 1.5 : Strategy for advanced players
  • 1.6 : Men of steel
  • 1.7 : The law of the strongest
  • 1.8 : From old Russians, the things which do not fade
  • 1.9 : Noam Chomsky in Van Aartsen's Paradise

Part II : Conclusions

  • 2.1 : Hangover on the morning after Kosovo
  • 2.2 : Exercise in discretion
  • 2.3 : Europe saves the world (not)
  • 2.4 : A new ‘new world order’