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A better Europe starts now

Harry van Bommel and Niels de Heij

coverEuropean cooperation has already brought us many benefits, for example in the areas of human rights and of our prosperity. That does not mean that it is always good or that cooperation in all areas offers added value. The outcome of the referendum on the European Constitution demonstrated that a clear majority holds the European Union as it is now in little esteem, and that there was a need for a broad social discussion over Europe and the role of the Netherlands within it. This paper is intended to contribute to such a debate by making proposals for a more democratic, slimmed down, balanced and affordable EU, as well as a fruitful European agricultural policy.



  1. European cooperation a good idea
  2. A more democratic Europe
  3. A slimmed-down Europe
  4. The size of the European Union
  5. A fruitful agricultural policy
  6. An affordable European Union


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