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The SP’s programme of principles is called ‘The Whole of Humanity’ (‘Heel de Mens’). It contains the core of the SP’s vision of society and the alternatives proposed by us. In our thoughts and deeds we are guided by three concepts: human dignity, equality and solidarity. It is these values that in the course of many centuries have emerged as essential and indispensable aspects of human civilisation and progress. Human dignity, equality and solidarity form, together with our rational analysis of the world, the yardstick against which we measure developments and judge alternatives. Whatever we judge to be positive we attempt to promote, while those things we see as negative we try to prevent or combat.

Human dignity is the respect of one person for another, the right to decide freely the direction society should take, a secure existence for everyone, and a fair chance for every person to live in freedom and strive for his or her own happiness.

Equality means that one person is never worth more than another. On this basis we are for the broadest tolerance in the whole society and against every form of discrimination.

Solidarity between people is necessary because the opportunities afforded to one are fewer than those enjoyed by another. By helping and caring for each other we can give a fair chance to everyone to lead a fulfilling life.

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